ビジネスシーンで使える慣用表現#2 (スポーツ編)【英語で学ぶ英会話】動画

【今回のテーマ】 「スポーツ」に関する慣用句について学ぶ

1.「off base」 「的外れ」という意味
“Your ideas are okay but you’re a little bit
off base of what we want to achieve.”

2.「on target」「的確な」という意味
“That proposal you have for the plan that we want is really on target.”

3.「to be on the ball」しっかりと状況を把握できていることをいう
“At work, he’s always on the ball. He never forgets things. He never makes mistakes (well he might make a few mistakes) but he never lets anything slip by.”

別の言い方で「to be on top of things」

4. 「to be out in left field」「ずれている」
“The party planners had these ideas but he was out in left field with totally different ideas that didn’t really match up well with what everybody else thought.”

5. 「to be out of his/her league」リーグから外れている=格が違うという意味
“He’s kind of a lazy and unorganized person and she is very on the ball and very clever.
She is basically out of his league.”

6. 「to settle a score with someone」「恨みを晴らす」という意味
“After he took his job from him, he wanted to settle the score so he joined a different company and then his company took over that previous company.”

7. 「a shot in the dark」
“Whether this new business idea would work or not, it wasn’t really too sure so he took a shot in the dark and see if it would be successful.”

8. 「skate on thin ice」「危険な橋を渡る」という意味
“He’s skating on thin ice always taking days off, too many days off, and his boss is starting to get suspicious.”

9.「to take a rain check」「延期する」という意味
“Let me take a rain check and I hope to go next time.”

10.「to throw in the towel」「途中でやめる」という意味
“He always tries new things but he eventually throws in the towel and gives up on those things as well.”


動画はALL Englishですが、字幕付きのため初心者の方でも安心してご視聴頂けます。