ビジネスシーンで使える⁉「スポーツ」に関する慣用句#1 (sports idioms)【英語で学ぶ英会話】動画


1.「the ball is in your court」「あなた次第」という意味
“We’ve made our final offer. Now the ball is in your court.”

2.「to call the shots」「命令する、采配を振るう」という意味
“He is not the leader of the group but he always calls the shots”

3.「down to the wire」「最後の最後まで」
“That report is due on Friday morning and it’s now Thursday night and you haven’t finished yet. You’re really taking it down to the wire.”

4. 「give it your best shot」「できるだけのことをやる」という意味
“You haven’t studied too hard for the examination but give it your best shot and see
how well you can do.”

5. 「go to bat for someone」「誰かの味方をする、助ける」という意味
“I made my case to the judge and luckily my friend went to bat for me and supported me in what I had to say”

6. 「hit below the belt」「卑怯なふるまいをする」という意味
“She really hit below the belt when she brought up his past trouble with the police”

7. 「keep your head above water」「何とか持ちこたえる」という意味
“His business is not doing so well but he’s able to keep his head above water and doesn’t have to close the business”

8. 「learn the ropes」
“He started here last week but he’s learning the ropes very quickly and he understands what to do. His training period should not be so long.”

9.「no sweat」「お安いご用だ」という意味
“Do you mind covering for me next Tuesday? I can’t come in that day”
“No sweat, I’ll take care of it.”

10.「not up to par」「能力が足りていない」という意味
“We thought he might be qualified for this certain position but he wasn’t up to par so we
have to find somebody else”


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