「自然」に関する慣用句 (Nature idioms )【英語で学ぶ英会話】動画

【今回のテーマ】 「自然」に関する慣用句について学ぶ

1. “beat around the bush” 「遠回しな言い方をする」という意味
“He’s always beating around the bush and never gets to the point. I wish you would be more direct.”

2.“down to earth” 「嘘がなく堅実な」という意味
“My neighbor is really down to earth. I always enjoy talking to her.”
“Down to earth person”

3.“drop in the ocean” 「わずかの量」という意味

4. “go with the flow” 「流れに身を任せる」という意味
Person A : “We all want to go watch a movie tonight.”
Person B : “I’ll go with the flow. I have no opposition

5. “in deep water”「深刻な事態に陥る」という意味
“He’s in deep water again with his boss because he fell asleep and missed
the presentation.”

6. “neck of the woods” 「住んでいる辺り」という意味
“Next time you’re in my neck of the woods, drop by.”

7. “on cloud nine” 「有頂天」
“When his girlfriend accepted his marriage proposal, he was on cloud nine.”

8. “a tip of the iceberg” 「ほんの少し」「ほんの一部」という意味
I have to do 16 reports this weekend. I did two.
“That’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

9.“under the weather” 「具合が悪い」という意味
“John is under the weather so he cannot come to
work today.” “He’s under the weather.”

10.“up in the air” 「未定」という意味
“What are your plans for the weekend?”
“My plans are up in the air. I haven’t decided yet. Should I go to a movie or should I go hiking in Mount Takao?”

11. “weather a storm” 「困難な状況を乗り越える」という意味
“His relationship with his wife was not so good. He weathered the storm though. They made up. They patched things up. They’re back together again.”


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